Hey! Darwin Grosse here. Thanks for stopping by. This site holds a lot of stuff that I've had laying around my web sites and hard drives. I'm also in the (constant) process of updating my CV with old stuff that I've forgotten about. Alas, we'll get it on-board.


In addition to the artifacts I've collected on the sidebar, you may also want to interact with my life and lifestyle by visiting the following sites:

Cycling '74 - my workplace, and my passion.
20 Objects - my other workplace, where I do custom work with Andrew Pask and Tom Hall.
Recording Magazine - yet another workplace, where I write about music technology.

DU Emergent Digital Practices - where I taught through 2016.
3rd Law Dance Theater - where I was collaborating on dance pieces through 2016.

The Art + Music + Technology podcast - an oral history project I'm working on.
All Things Modular - my blog on synthesis and modular systems.


If you need to contact me, you can touch base through one of the following:

At Cycling '74
At 20 Objects
A personal email

Please be courteous!