Course Introduction

In the past, Max tutorial series have always started with simple patches created with a few objects. Now we have to take it a little further. We will be alternating between learning OpenGL (in Jitter) and audio synthesis (in MSP). The entire course is dependent on Max 6, and I strongly recommend that you work on your own laptop if possible.

Each week there will be a download that will contain "fixtures"; Max patches that we will use in class to explore the concepts we will be covering. I will also (in a seperate download) provide an example of the sort of thing that I'd like you to create in class. It is your responsibility to download and install these files prior to class so that we won't waste any class time for installation.

If you have any questions, you can reach me at

Course Schedule

Week 1: (Visual) OpenGL basics, including shapes, meshes, lighting, multiple and nodes

Week 2: (Audio) Audio synthesis, including analog-style generators, filters, modifiers and modulators

Week 3: (Visual) Working with OpenGL models and advanced meshes

Week 4: (Audio) Complex waveform and modifier generation

Week 5: Project #1 - AV Installation

Week 6: (Visual) GL animation and the physics engine

Week 7: (Audio) Sequencing and interactivity

Week 8: (General) Data stream management

Week 9: (General) External devices and connectivity

Week 10: Project #2 - AV Performance