Week 5 - Class One

This week is all about the midterm. You have the audio material, you have the project. Now execute!

Pay attention to the narrative arc that your audio-based storytelling creates. If you don't know what your narrative arc is, you don't have one!

The entire Monday class period will be spent in preparation for Wednesday's midterm presentations. Before you leave, you will work with Cory to have a 'pre-show' critique, where he will provide you with feedback that will help you present a better audio project. He will also be sharing his notes with me, and I will be using those notes as part of the grading for the midterm: i.e., he will suggest improvements, and I will note if you chose to implement those improvements.

Come to class on Wednesday prepared to play your exported .WAV file on the instructor's computer for the entire class. After you present the piece, I will have a short Q&A for you regarding your sound choices, audio processing and composition decisions.