Week 7 - Class 1

In this class, we will be using the files found in the 'fourth' monome patch fixture set, found by clicking on this link.

One of the things I often talk about when helping people work on their projects is to find 'higher order' ways of influencing a process. For example, rather than turning on a light when you clap your hands, maybe you are looking for the higher pitch of a child's handclap, or a handclap only when another has not been heard in five minutes. Do something that isn't a direct "push a button, get a result" sort of function.

One of the ways you can do this is to have external systems 'inform' your user interface, and you react to changes in that interface. A perfect example is to capture the video stream of a webcam, display it on your monome, then allow the user to select a location on the image to report upon. Here's an example of that:

This system has to do a few things:

You can see that the way you would interact with the monome is much different if the user interface represents the constantly changing webcam feed rather than tracking a static user interface. In this case, we get a number that represents the value of a pixel; this could easily be used for audio volume, visual effect or MIDI message output.

In-class Activities:

Week 7 - Class 2

Today is all about the project - individual project #2. This is a big part of your grade, so be prepared to do a great job. In addition, we will be picking teams for the final small-team project, so don't let me forget!

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