Course Introduction

In this course, we will be diving into more detail on the us of visual programming for the creation of visual, sonic and physical art. The prerequisite for this class is Visual Programming I; the assumption is that you understand the basics of visual programming with Max, and are interested in programming as a means to create artwork.

In order to do well in this class, you will need to be familiar with the Syllabus, which you can download here.

Weekly Course Pages

Week 1 - Review and Project 1
Week 2 - Max 7 Appearance and Project 1 Presentation
Week 3 - Max 7 OpenGL and Project 2
Week 4 - Max 7 OpenGL Animation/Notes and Project 2
Week 5 - Project 2 Presentation and the Monome hardware device
Week 6 - Working at greater depth with the Monome hardware device
Week 7 - Project 3 Presentation
Week 8 - The Max Physics world, constraints and collisions
Week 9 - Inter-patch communications and Web Work
Week 10 - The End of The Road...